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Which colour contact lens are right for you?

 Coloured contact lenses are now a style piece and a fashion accessory chosen by many.  Just as we may use make up to enhance our features and give us a different look, similarly we can use coloured contact lens to do the same.

There are many various shades of colours and even designs of lenses now available.  More commonly, it’s the natural range of colours that are a popular every day choice, however, our theatrical and Halloween are also hugely popular at festive times too.

At Eyecasions our colour contact lenses are non-prescription, meaning that they are without power.  The sole purpose of them is to change the colour of your eyes. 

Our natural colour ranges are available in a one, two and three tone, which gives extra clarity and enhancement.

Eyecasions Crystal Blue Coloured Contact LensEyecasions Jade Green Coloured Contact LensEyecasions Turquoise Coloured Contact lens

Choosing a colour that suits you will really be a personal choice.  Many factors usually depend on this such as your skin tone and hair colour, however, the most important factor is what you like and prefer.

Maybe ask yourself, what kind of look am I wanting to achieve, do I want to give myself a natural subtle look whilst changing the colour of my natural eyes or do I want to be a little more creative and dramatic.

If you have a naturally darker colour of eyes then choose a contact lens colour that is more vivid and opaque. 

A coloured crazy lens can usually cover all natural eye colours.

Eyecasions Coloured Contact Lens BellaEyecasions Coloured Contact Lens SouranEyecasions Coloured Contact Lens Halloween

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